Indonesia recorded a trade surplus of 785.3 million USD in February from a deficit of 450 million USD in the previous month, reported the country’s Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS).

The country’s February exports reached 14.57 billion USD, while its imports hit 13.78 billion.

The result was 500 million USD higher than the figure forecast by economists thanks to a 3.6 percent rise in oil and gas exports, according to BPS.

Indonesia’s inflation rate also dropped to a nine-month low of 0.08 percent in March from 0.26 percent in February, it said.

Meanwhile, the consumer price index rose 7.32 percent in March from a year earlier, the BPS reported. That was lower than February’s 7.75 percent increase. March’s figure was also the smallest gain since June’s inflation rate of 5.9 percent.

Suryamin, the BPS chief, said prices of some main commodities were under control, helping contribute to the low inflation in March.-VNA