Indonesia highlights priority electricity programmes for 2022 hinh anh 1 Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Arifin Tasrif. (Photo: Antara)
Jakarta (VNA) – Indonesian Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Minister Arifin Tasrif drew attention to several priority electricity programmes in 2022 to power Indonesia, ranging from free electricity installation assistance to setting up rooftop solar power plants.

"The government's efforts to electrify Indonesia will continue to be intensified, including by launching priority programs," Tasrif noted in a statement on January 14, as cited by Indonesia's Antara news agency.

Several priority activities of the ESDM Ministry are in the fields of new, renewable energy and energy conservation and electricity, including the installation of 79 rooftop solar power plants, with a capacity of 2.3 MWp in 33 provinces, 22 thousand packages of solar street lighting, and three micro hydropower plants.

The next priority programme is in the form of 11,347 packages of electrical power distribution equipment, revitalisation of 11 new renewable energy power plants, and assistance for new free electricity connections reaching 80 thousand spread across 32 provinces.

Other electricity programmes are also being continuously pushed by the ESDM Ministry, including the power generation capacity target of 76.3 gigawatts to maintain the availability of electricity to encourage economic growth.

Moreover, the ESDM Ministry targets an increase in electricity consumption per capita by 1,268 kWh per capita, installed capacity of new renewable energy power plants at 11,791 megawatts, and electrification ratio and the ratio of electrified villages to reach 100 percent.

In addition, an emissions cap of 91 million tonnes of carbon dioxide is targeted for 2022, and the target to convert a thousand petrol-powered motorcycles to electric motorcycles with program expansion for ministries or agencies, local governments, and SOEs./.