Indonesia installs nuclear radiation data monitoring system hinh anh 1Illustrative image (Photo:
Jakarta (VNA) – Indonesia’s Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency (Bapeten) announced on February 19 that it will install 126 nuclear radiation data monitoring system (RDMS) detectors nationwide to improve the detection and monitoring of nuclear radiation in the environment.

Apart from 15 RDMS that were already installed, other 20-22 ones are also planned for installment.

Bapeten will also frequently deploy inspectors to the field in order to maintain public safety, and install Radiation Portal Monitor (RPM) to inspect the exit and entry of potential illegal and dangerous radioactive goods into or out of the country.

RPM is a radiation monitor portal that is installed to automatically monitor the sources of gamma or neutron radiation for goods, people and vehicles that pass through the detection area.

The decision to increase monitoring of nuclear radiation was taken after Bapeten discovered radiation exposure from the Cesium 137 radioactive material in a vacant plot next to a volleyball court in South Tangerang, Banten province./.