Hanoi (VNA) - A search and rescue operation is underway targeting missing victims of a passenger ship that caught fire in waters off central Indonesia's South East Sulawesi province a day earlier.

Head of the provincial search and rescue office Junaidi Satta said the incident killed seven people, including two children, while four others went missing. A total of 61 people were rescued.

Personnel from the military, police, search and rescue office and communities have been combing the waters off Bokori Island in Konawe district, where the fire happened. Divers are ready to reach underwater if any clue of the victims is found.

The operation is focusing on searching the territory with a radius of about 10km from the scene.

The weather condition is favourable for the mission, said Satta.

The ship was heading to a seaport in Kaleroang of Marowali district in nearby Central Sulawesi province when the incident happened.-VNA