Indonesia claims to yield up to 50 percent of global pearl production, with an annual export value of 29 million USD.

The country is home to over 17,500 islands that boast large economic potential from aquatic income. Its pearl production centres are mainly located on the islands of Bali, Lombok and Sulawesi .

The Indonesian Government plans to step up production in the field, especially in breeding, human resources training, technology application and bilateral cooperation, especially with Japan .

Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Sharif Sutardjo said Indonesia will encourage public-private cooperation while paying special attention to promoting the Indonesian Pearl Festival (IPF) which is slated for August 27-28 in Jakarta .

Indonesia is ranked as the 9 th biggest player in global pearl trade, accounting for 2.07 percent of the total pearl export value of 1.4 billion USD. Some of its key importers are Japan , Hong Kong , Australia and the Republic of Korea , according to Sutardjo.-VNA