Indonesia takes advantage from US-China trade war hinh anh 1Indonesian Trade Minister Enggartiasto Lukita (Source: 

Jakarta (VNA) – Indonesia is looking to seize opportunities from the US-China trade war to increase its exports and foreign exchange, while replacing imported goods by locally-manufactured counterparts.

According to Indonesian Trade Minister Enggartiasto Lukita, Indonesia can fill the void of Chinese or US products with products manufactured from the domestic industry and increase the export of its products to China.

The US-China trade war has led to a restriction in import of goods between the two markets, creating opportunities for Indonesia to fill the stocks, both in the US and China.

In addition, Indonesia aims to open up non-traditional markets for its exports besides securing traditional export markets, targeting African countries, Latin America, Middle East, Eurasia, and South Asia.

Meanwhile, the Southeast Asian country will also reduce the volume of imports though defining a differentiation between strategic and non-strategic imports.

Imports of consumer goods through the Trade Ministry will be controlled, said Lukita.

One of the export items that Indonesia wants to promote is aircraft.

As of 2017, state aircraft manufacturer PT Dirgantara Indonesia had produced as many as 431 aircraft. The most ordered types are 110 NC212i, 122 NBO105 Helicopters. The country is currently developing CN-235 type small aircraft, with a capacity of 40 passengers.-VNA