Indonesia: Volcanic eruption triggers aviation warning hinh anh 1Mount Merapi spews ash on June 1, 2018(Photo: AFP/VNA)

Jakarta (VNA) – Indonesian authorities have issued an aviation warning after Mount Merapi on the island of Java erupted on October 14, spewing a column of ash up to 3km high.

The national volcanology agency said Mount Merapi is located on the border of Central Java and Yogyakarta provinces and erupted at 4:31 p.m (local time).

It then issued a volcano observatory notice for aviation with an orange status, indicating the possibility of a further eruption.

A no-go zone has been set up within a radius of 3km from the crater, while people living near the volcano have been warned of possible raining ash.

Mount Merapi is among Indonesia's 129 active volcanoes and has regularly erupted since 1948. Thousands of people live on the slopes of the volcano.

Also on October 14, a 5.9-magnitude earthquake hit the Indonesian city of Bengkulu, said the US Geological Survey.

The epicenter, with a depth of 10km, was initially determined to be at 4.5312 degrees south latitude and 101.1508 degrees east longitude.

Indonesia, one of the most disaster-prone nations on the earth, straddles the Pacific “Ring of Fire”, where tectonic plates collide and a large portion of the world’s volcanic eruptions and earthquakes occur./.