Indonesian President-elect Joko Widodo has come up with a plan to streamline the Cabinet in an effort to improve its effectiveness.

Under the plan, he will cut down the number of ministries from the current 34 to 27 by merging several of them, such as the Industry Ministry and the Trade Ministry , said Andi Widjajanto, a deputy of the Jokowi- Jusuf Kalla transition team.

Meanwhile, several new ones may be set up like a ministry in charge of the maritime sector to realise Jokowi’s commitment to focusing on the issue, he added.

Andi Widjajanto said apart from the Cabinet streamlining, the bureaucracy will be reorganised by rotating civil servants and dismissing those who fail to meet required skills.

The operational funds for dismissing civil servants will cost hundreds of billions of Rupiah, but it can save up to 3 trillion Rp (256.7 million USD), he noted.-VNA