Jakarta , the capital of Indonesia , has received the status of the city with the worst traffic in the world by the British lubricant producer Castrol.

The survey was conducted in 78 cities and regions around the world.

The index used data shared anonymously by millions of TomTom navigation device users around the world to measure the average stops and starts made per kilometre within each city. The figure was then multiplied by the average distance driven per year.

The survey showed that Jakarta ranked as the city with the highest number of stops and starts with an average of 33,240 per driver per year.

It was followed by Istanbul , Turkey , with 32,520 stop-starts and Mexico City , Mexico , 30,840.

Surabaya , Indonesia ’s second biggest city, was also included in the list and ranked fourth with the stops and starts average of 29,880 per year.

Earlier, Jakarta ranked last in a safe city index by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).-VNA