The 6th Security World Conference and Expo, themed “Securing your organisation in a connected world”, opened in Hanoi on April 5.

The event is jointly organised by the IT Department of the General Department of Logistics and Technology under the Ministry of Public Security (MoPS), Vietnam Computer Emergency Response (VNCERT), and the International Data Group (IDG).

At the conference, domestic and international information security experts said that 2011 will see a great development of cloud computing services, mobile offices and social networks, which, they said, will creat new trends for the information technology sector but will pose new implicit threats on information security.
In Vietnam , many businesses are facing the spread of new variants of virus and the booming of cyber attacks for personal benefit and economic purposes, thus affecting business operations and national security.

According to the Vietnam Information Security Association (VNISA)’s investigation report, Vietnam ranked fifth among 10 countries with the highest risk of losing information in security in 2010.

The report indicates that 33 percent of Vietnamese businesses detected network security attacks, 29 percent did not know whether their systems were hacked or not and 22 percent did not understand the motives behind network security attacks.

To cope with this situation, Vietnam is actively making new policies and directions to promote the development of information technology in general and security in particular, said VNCERT Director Vu Quoc Khanh.

2011 is the first year to develop ideas, plans and programmes in the National Digital Information Security Project as well as boost the training of human resources in information security and investment in incident response and management processes, he said.

On the sidelines of the conference, the Security World Expo will bring to visitor the latest software, equipment and solutions for virus/spam/spyware prevention from leading local and international information security solutions providers such as IBM, TrendMicro, Sourcefire./.