A Party Central Committee member has emphasised the enhancement of examination and inspection as an important solution to contribute to building a pure and strong Party, in his presentation delivered at the ongoing 11th National Party Congress in Hanoi on Jan. 14.

Trinh Long Bien, who is also Vice Chairman of the Party Central Committee’s Inspection Commission, laid stress on political tasks and requirements concerning Party building in the future.

These comprised firmly defending and maintaining the leading role of the Party – the only ruling Party that leads the entire political system – in the period of speeding up the renewal process and promoting the development of the market economy that operates in line with socialist orientation under State management, while broadening international relations and cooperation, Bien said.

“The emergence of new opportunities and advantages as well as numerous difficulties and challenges demand the Party’s examination and inspection be intensified and be taken as an important solution to contribute to building a pure and strong Party, to successfully lead the country’s renewal process,” the official noted.

To that end, the goal of inspection and examination work must be firmly grasped to play a part in safeguarding the Party’s leading role as well as strengthening its political firmness, brainpower, and ruling capacity, Bien emphasised.

Degradation in political awareness, ideology, ethics and lifestyle, bureaucracy, corruption, waste and negativity of Party members and state officials must be prevented and ended, Bien said.

He noted inspection and examination must be carried out publicly, in a democratic, objective, careful and attentive manner and Party members and State officials must stand at the forefront and be role models in raising a sense of strictly abiding by the Party’s disciplines as well as the State’s policies and laws.

Meanwhile, Bien said the Party committees at all levels should concentrate on examining the observance of the Party’s statutes, guidance, resolutions and instructions as well as the State’s policies and laws.

These Party committees must instruct the settlement of pressing cases in their localities and when necessary stringently punish Party members and State officials in line with the laws and the Party rules.

Examination and inspection of personnel and organisational work must be intensified to promptly extol model officials and Party organisations while giving immediate support to officials and Party organisations trapped in difficulties.

That will help prevent officials from engaging in negative activities, shortcomings and mistakes in their political firmness, ideology, ethics, lifestyle, and their execution of responsibilities and assigned tasks as well as in the personnel and organisational work, Bien noted.

He also called for bettering the Party’s leading formulas over inspection and examination work and giving more power to inspection committees at all levels, as decided by the Political Bureau in its conclusion on a strategy tailored for coordinating and handling inspection, examination, and execution of discipline within the Party./.