Institutional reform in Vietnam has not achieved desired outcomes even though the Government has made efforts in this realm, said experts at a seminar in Hanoi on October 21.

According to Deputy Director of the Central Institute of Economic Management (CIEM) Vu Xuan Nguyet Hong said one of the reasons for this was economic difficulties, which have forced the Government to stretch thin its resources and time to deal with short-term issues.

The seminar was held by CIEM and the Swedish Embassy to announce a report on Vietnam’s socio-economic situation, which would serve as reference for the drafting of a Government vision and a roadmap for the vision implementation.

Acting Director of the CIEM Nguyen Dinh Cung said the Vietnam has risen from a poor country to the rank of lower-middle income countries over the past 20 years. However, many shortcomings and weaknesses in State management have shown during the process, he said, underlining the ineffective operation of State-owned enterprises (SOEs), the slow law making process and inequality in access to business opportunities.

In addition, the contingent of public workers and the operation of the public administration apparatus have not been able to catch up with reality’s requirements, which is a reason hindering sustainable development.

Participants were also told that there are many gaps in State management, particularly the management of SOEs, thus causing wastefulness of resources and inefficient capital use, negatively affecting the business and investment climate.

The report recommended developing a professional and proficient human resource to serve administrative reform.

Swedish Deputy Ambassador to Vietnam Maria Selin stressed that it is important to select the right mid- and long-term targets, and increase cooperation and experience sharing with international partners.

The draft Government vision covers issues related to the economic restructuring process, macroeconomic management and governmental modernisation with a focus on improving administrative procedures and giving people better access to information and services.-VNA