Jazz concert to commemorate Thai King's birthday hinh anh 1Nichapa Quintet and Friends show will feature top jazz artists of Thailand and Vietnam (Source: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) -
A special jazz concert by Vietnamese and Thai artists will be held in downtown Hanoi to celebrate the birthday of Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej (December 5).

Entitled "Nichapa Quintet and Friends", the show will feature top jazz artists of Thailand such as Nichapa Jittaleela (piano and vocal), Pisut Pratheepasane (saxophone), Arnupap Kammar (drums) and Suppanad Jittaleela (vocal), and Vietnamese artists such as Dao Minh (bass), Nguyen Bao Long (saxophone) and a string quartet from the Vietnam National Academy of Music.

Nichapa Jittaleela, from the SCA Siam University faculty of music, was the first Thai jazz female artist to perform in many jazz festivals and jazz concerts with her own band. She has been invited to represent Thai jazz artists and perform at many concerts across the world. The Hanoi concert will feature her jazz compositions and famous jazz standard pieces.

Pisut Prateeprasane is a top Thai saxophone player, who is part of the faculty of music at Silpakorn University. He is also member of a very popular Thai band called T-¬bone. He has performed at many music festivals across the world, such as the Glastonbury festival, the world's largest music festival that is held in the United Kingdom, as well as several jazz festivals and concerts with world-class jazz artists.

Arnupap Kammar is a leading Thai drummer, who is from the faculty of music at the conservatory of music, Rangsit University. He has performed in many jazz concerts with top Thai and Asian jazz artists.

Suppanad Jittaleela is a famous Thai movie actress–singer who has many Asian fans, including Vietnamese fans.-VNA