Minister of Justice Ha Hung Cuong admitted that insufficient quality of legal staff of ministries and sectors has resulted in the delay of guiding documents for a range of laws.

Minister Cuong was the first Cabinet member to answer deputies’ queries during the August 20 question-answer on-line session of the 13th National Assembly Standing Committee’s 20 th meeting in Hanoi, which was broadcast live on television and radio.

He said despite obvious progress in dealing with the owing of guiding documents for laws and ordinances, especially since 2012, the number of such documents that failed to be issued remains high, at 107 documents in 2013, affecting socio-economic development and concerning voters.

When seeking the responsibility of the Justice Minister in the delay of the document issuance, deputies also focused on the appraising responsibility of the ministry towards legal documents issued by ministries of sectors, which work against the law.

Minister Cuong said the Government is drafting a special resolution on law-building to specify the responsibility of the minister in the work, who will have to make regular reports every month, quarter and year on the working results.

He also agreed on the deputies’ proposal that the government should submit half-yearly and yearly reports on the process of issuing instruction documents to the National Assembly. This will also be included in criteria to evaluate the working performance of the minister and have an effect on votes of confidence for the minister.

Explaining the reasons behind the delay, Minister-Chairman of the Government Office Vu Duc Dam blamed it on leaders of ministries and sectors, as well as the competence of their lawmaking officials.

The Government has outlined measures to respond to the situation, he added.

Regarding legal documents in contrary to the law, Minister Cuong said the ministry is working on the introduction of stricter and more transparent management mechanisms, especially for inter-ministry and inter-sector circulars.

He affirmed that the ministry has formed an additional department in charge of supervising general legal issues and detecting loopholes and weaknesses in law for fixing.

During the session, deputies also voiced their concern about the issuance of a number of impractical regulations and circulars that lack supervision, inspection and adjustment that anger the public. Minister Cuong said the ministry is taking steps to improve the situation.-VNA