When mentioning roosters, most people think of fighting cocks. But has any one heard of pet roosters? Keeping roosters as pets has become popular in the capital.


This is a meeting of the Hanoi pet rooster club. People come to share their experiences of raising pet roosters, as well as to admire the beauty of each other’s roosters.

Passion for roosters is what they have in common. According to them, the Tan Chau rooster from An Giang province is the best. They are small yet motley. Their eye-catching appearance enchants the rooster lovers.

While durability is normally used to assess fighting cocks, the appearance of a pet rooster is judged by its feathers. The more colorful it is, the more beautiful it is.

Eye-catching roosters require keepers’ dedicated work. Caring for roosters since they were little eggs has become this man’s joy every single day for the last six years.

The passion for pet roosters is not only a relaxing hobby among rooster lovers, but also contributes to preserving and develop ingthe prestigious An Giang Tan Chau rooster breed.-VNA