Educating kids on environmental protection is very important, as it will shape their perspective and attitude when they grow up. An environment club for kids in Da Nang City is doing this job just right.

A kids’ environment club in Binh Phuoc 1 cluster in Hai Chau district gathers every weekend to take a bin around streets to collect trash. Then they learn how to classify and sell it.

From an initiative by the head of the residential area’s party committee, the club has developed from only a few kids early this year to 20 members from 6 to 12 now.

Images of kids walking around streets to collect trash also have great impacts on local adults. A week before kids’ arrival for trash collection, they often sort out used bottles to give the little environmental activists when they come.

Using trash as a resource also brings about a source of funds for children’s activities in the locality.-VNA