After studying and working in Bulgaria for nearly 15 years, Professor Vuong Kha Cuc considers it his second home. He has so many “unforgettable memories” in his book “Country of Roses”.

His autobiography, “Country of Roses”, encapsulates memories of Bulgaria and its people, places he visited, and lecture halls he attended during his youth.

He also spoke of how Bulgarians supported Vietnam.

For former Vietnamese Ambassador to Bulgaria from 2005-2009, Pham Quoc Bao, who is also an author and editor of many books about the country, his deepest impression is the sentiment Bulgarians have for President Ho Chi Minh.

Pham Quoc Bao is also the first foreign ambassador to experience 100 Bulgarian landmarks. The country made a deep impression on the former ambassador, which is just as strong as the friendship between Vietnam and Bulgaria over the last seven decades./.