Vientiane (VNA) – Laos is expanding COVID-19 treatment facilities amid the rising number of new infections in the country.

On August 28, the Ministry of Heath confirmed 115 new cases within 24 hours, including 60 infections found in the community.

The country currently has 20 hospitals and 22 temporary hospitals for COVID-19 treatment, with about 3,000 medical staff and volunteers joining the treatment across the country.

Local authorities said that the number of COVID-19 patients in the current COVID-19 hotspot in Savannakhet has risen to more than 800 since the first two cases were detected in two prisons on August 17. Two temporary COVID-19 treatment facilities have been set up in the prisons to receive COVID-19 patients, while local authorities are working to control the situation.

Savannakhet's Department of Education and Sports said that schools in the province may not start the new academic year on September 6 as scheduled to give quarantine space for a large number of Lao labourers returning from Thailand.

Meanwhile, students in Vientiane can still start the new school year on September 6 with COVID-19 prevention measures. Online studying has also been planned in case the pandemic continues to develop complicatedly.

So far, Laos has reported 14,466 COVID-19 infections, including 12 deaths./.