Laos has resolved to raise its per capita annual income to 1,700 USD and complete its poverty eradication strategy by 2015.

The country also wants to escape from the list of underdeveloped nations by 2020, heard a meeting held by the National Committee for Rural Development and Poverty Eradication in Vientiane on October 17 in response to International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (Oct. 17).

Addressing the event, Lao Deputy Prime Minister Axang Laoly said over 80 percent of Laos’ population are farmers, whose lives and production depend on nature, leading to low living standards and poor socio-economic infrastructure. The Deputy PM reviewed the country’s strategies, plans, programmes and projects on rural development and poverty reduction in each period.

Thanks to the Lao Government’s due attention to poverty reduction, human resources and rural development, people’s living standards in both urban and rural areas have been improved significantly, he said.

By 2013, the numbers of poor households across the country fell by 10.57 percent, poor villages by 26.72 percent, and poor districts by 25.52 percent.-VNA