Laos looks to increase electricity export hinh anh 1Xayaburi hydropower plant (Photo:

Vientiane (VNA) – Lao media on November 30 quoted a report by the country’s Minister of Energy and Mines Khammani Inthilath as saying that it is looking to increase electricity export in the time to come.

The article said the minister pointed out at the ongoing session of the Lao National Assembly that currently the country is home to 61 operational power plants with a combined capacity of 7,207.24 MW, generating up to 37,300 Kwh of electricity each year. Besides advantages in thermal, solar and wind power, it boasts rich water resources that can be a strong point in hydropower.

The country can ensure supply of electricity for domestic consumption and the export of this form of energy creates a stable source of income for Laos.

The minister’s report further said currently Laos is continuing to develop 36 hydropower projects which will be completed in 2020 with a combined capacity of 4,184.10 MW, adding 20,892.99 Kwh to the national grid. The country is also cooperating with China in the study for the construction of many transmission lines stretching a total of nearly 62,000 km with 68 transforming stations, to be started next year.

Currently Laos is implementing contracts to sell electricity with Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand, under which it will export 300 MW through Thailand to Malaysia, 200 MW to Cambodia and 100 MW to Myanmar by 2020; and 9,000 MW to Thailand and 5,000 MW to Vietnam by 2030.-VNA