Laos has been selected by the European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT) as the World Best Tourist Destination for 2013.

Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Bosengkham Vongdara hosted a press conference on May 8 to announce the award, according to the Lao News Agency KPL.

The World Best Tourist Destination is the world’s highly privileged award, which is granted on an annual basis by the ECTT to only one country, the minister told the conference, adding that an official presentation ceremony will be held on May 9 in Vientiane Capital.

“This award is offered to a country that complies with the United Nations Tourism Division, UNESCO and the European Union Council on Tourism and Trade principles on fair tourism, ethical tourism and safety standards and the preservation of cultural, historic and natural tourist sites,” Bosengkham said.

Countries previously awarded with the title included Syria in 2007, Turkey in 2008, the United Arab Emirates in 2009 and 2011, the Republic of Korea in 2010 and the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in 2012.-VNA