This year the temperature may be a record high in the summer and the north will no longer have severe cold spells, according to weather forecast agencies.

From now to the summer, there will not be any deep cold spells in Vietnam (cold spells lasting for at least three days with temperature below 15 degrees Celsius), the online newspaper Vietnam Net cited sources from the National Hydro-meteorology Centre as saying.

"However, in March, there will be some cold days with mild intensity. The temperature will not get as low as recently, and the cold spells will concentrate mainly in the northern mountain provinces," said Bui Minh Tang, the centre’s director.

In April, the north will almost have no cold spell. From May, the region may suffer from the unusual heat waves.

Tang warned of the extreme weather events in 2014 such as snow, ice, strong storms with stronger intensity than last year, with new records of the intense heat waves, higher temperatures in summer and lower temperatures in winter compared to the previous years, and the risk of widespread heavy rainfalls.

"Almost every year Vietnam suffered from extreme weather events that were difficult to predict, so this year we still take precautions against the phenomena like super-storms," Tang said.-VNA