The northern mountainous province of Ha Giang has a 227 km borderline with 442 markers. There, together with border guards, local people are joining efforts to protect the country's territorial sovereignty and border security. They are considered as the living border markers in the country’s northernmost locality.

Lao Chai Border station in Vi Xuyen district, Ha Giang province is in charge of managing 16 border markers on a 19-km borderline segment.

VangSeo Long, a local militia man, joined border guards years ago. He is so familiar with the border markers here that he considers them his own blood.

Responding to the government’s direction, border guards in cooperation with local authorities have called on locals to participate in the protection of national sovereignty. In the complex terrain of the mountainous district, locals play a vital role in keeping border guards well informed about goings on in the locality.

Militias and households by the borderline have become the right hand of border guards in the locality. Thanks to them, many incidents have been spotted.

Along with border guards, those militias, or living border markers, devote themselves to the border as a dedication to generations of fallen Vietnamese soldiers and people who scarified their lives for national sovereignty.-VNA