For this year’s summer-autumn crop, Le Hien’s family in Hai An commune invested 1,300 USD to plant nearly 3,000 sqm of shallots. Thanks to favourable conditions, the family has enjoyed a bumper crop.

Farmers in the district planted nearly 200 hectares of shallots for this crop, accounting more than half of the district’s farming area, and output is estimated to reach more than 2,200 tonnes.

Besides garlic, each year farmers on Ly Son island plant 3 shallot crops. However, agricultural production in the locality faces many difficulties due to water shortages and instable consumption.

To cope with the situation, local authorities have looked at measures to expand markets for farmers.

Thanks to the success of the summer-autumn crop, farmers now can generate more income and this has encouraged them to continue sowing other crops such as the winter-spring garlic crop in the coming days./.