In the vicinity of the Sreyvonya pagoda in Binh Phuoc province, the sound of children’s laughter brightens up the atmosphere.  Touched by the poor living conditions of many local children, monks and nuns have set up makeshift classes for them to get the education they deserve.



From 6pm every Monday to Friday, the lively atmosphere of children coming to class is a sight to see as this is no ordinary class. This class caters to children from disadvantaged backgrounds, who have either no parents or have disabilities that prevent regular schooling. The monks and nuns, with the help of local authorities, have opened this makeshift class to provide them with a basic education.

With different ages coming together with different needs and abilities, the teaching techniques should be tailored to each individual’s needs. The first and foremost is that they focus on teaching how to read and write Vietnamese. This requires tremendous affection, compassion, and responsibility from the teachers in order to ensure solid comprehension among their students.-VNA