Malaysia and Thailand will further strengthen the existing close bilateral cooperation in security matters and border management along the common border areas, according to Malaysia ’s official news agency Bernama.

At the 30 th high-level border committee meeting in the Malaysian state of Sabah on August 15, both sides noted with satisfaction the detailed progress of their joint works, especially in operation matters, exercises, border and disaster management, social and economic activities over the past time.

Co-chaired by chief of the Malaysian Armed Forces Zulkifeli Mohd Zin and chief of the Royal Thai Armed Forces Thanasak Patimapragorn, the meeting agreed on the satisfactory progress of the assigned tasks by the 51 st General Border Committee meeting and the close cooperation among the concerned authorities and agencies to solve various problems, such as smuggling and illegal activities.

Both sides agreed to exchange information on activities along the common border, and the next 31 st meeting will be held in Thailand early next year.-VNA