Malaysia's king calls for consensus among political parties hinh anh 1Malaysian King Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah. (Photo:
Kuala Lumpur (VNA) - Political parties in Malaysia have reached consensus on early ending the political dispute, one of the reasons that force Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin and his cabinet to resign on August 16 after 17 months in power. 

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim told reporters after a two-hour meeting with the king, Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah on August 17 that all political party leaders seemed to agree that there should be a new political landscape to move the country forward in light of the COVID-19 and economic crises. 

Malaysia's King has asked leaders from different parties to work together to address the economic and health woes facing the country.

During the meeting, the leaders of different parties expressed opinions and reached an agreement on ending previous political conflicts and opening up a new political landscape.

Earlier, on August 16, Prime Minister Muhyiddin announced that he and his cabinet had resigned due to the loss of confidence of the majority of MPs in the National Assembly, and expressed hope that a new government would be formed as soon as possible.

King Abdullah accepted his resignation, but appointed Muhyiddin as interim prime minister until a new prime minister is appointed. The King said that this time is not suitable to hold elections due to the complicated situation of the epidemic./.