Man jailed for attempting to overthrow people’s administration hinh anh 1Phan Van Binh at the trial (Photo: VNA)

Khanh Hoa (VNA) – The People’s Court of the central province of Khanh Hoa sentenced Phan Van Binh to 14 years in prison for “attempting to overthrow the people’s administration” at a first-instance trial on January 22.

According to the jury, Binh’s actions took place over a long period of time, aiming to undermine the great national unity bloc, violate national security, go against national interests, and harm social order and safety – all deeds which are considered especially serious.

Binh, born in 1972 and residing in Cam Hiep Bac commune, Cam Lam district, Khanh Hoa province, had been put in temporary detention since February 8, 2018.

The indictment of the provincial People’s Procuracy stated that Binh often used his mobile phone to watch video clips of Dao Minh Quan introducing “Chinh phu quoc gia Vietnam lam thoi” (Provisional National Government of Vietnam), which is listed as a terrorist organisation in accordance with domestic and international law.

In November 2015, Binh used the Facebook account “An Phan” to connect to the account “Kelly Trieu Thanh Hoa”, set up by a woman in California, the US.

Through “Kelly Trieu,” Binh learnt about the “Provisional National Government of Vietnam”, led by Quan, that aims to overthrow the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to establish another state called “De tam cong hoa.” The organisation promised to provide salaries, houses, and wealthy lives for its members.

Binh voluntarily filed a dossier for joining the organisation under the instruction of “Kelly Trieu Thanh Hoa” who then informed via Facebook that Binh’s dossier was accepted by Quan.

He was given the title of Captain in charge of mobilising and luring people in Vietnam to participate in the organisation and support “Prime Minister” Quan.

Binh confessed that with his mobile phone, he popularised video clips of Quan and “Kelly Trieu Thanh Hoa” introducing the organisation among people in Cam Hiep Bac commune, in an effort to lure them to the organisation.

Binh also tricked his daughter, named Phan Thi Hanh, into registering to join the organisation.

Investigations show that, through the “An Phan” Facebook account, Binh posted many articles defaming late President Ho Chi Minh and Vietnamese Party and State leaders, as well as distorting Vietnam’s history and guidelines of the Party, and policies and laws of the State, in order to overthrow the people’s administration and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

The “Provisional National Government of Vietnam” was established in the US in 1991 by Quan (former Lieutenant of the Sai Gon puppet army), and other puppet forces.

Quan, born on July 27, 1952 in the central province of Thua Thien-Hue, has proclaimed himself the Prime Minister of the “Provisional National Government of Vietnam.”

According to the announcement released by Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Security in January 2018, the “Provisional National Government of Vietnam” is a terrorist organisation, and therefore, anyone participating in propagandising and inciting others to join, sponsor, and receive sponsorship from the organisation, took part in the organisation’s training courses, and followed the instruction of the organisation, has committed “terrorism” and “terrorist sponsor” and will be treated pursuant to Vietnam’s law.–VNA