The South African Embassy in Vietnam held a ceremony to celebrate Nelson Mandela International Day in Hanoi on July 18.

At the event, South African Ambassador to Vietnam Kgomostso Ruth Magau stressed that the day is held annually to raise the international community’s solidarity in preserving the values of freedom and justice that Nelson Mandela fought for.

To mark Mandela’s 95 th birthday this year, the South African Government has encouraged all people to “Take Action, Inspire Change, Make Everyday Mandela Day”, she added.

In 2009, the United Nations formally declared Mandela’s birthday, July 18, an international day to acknowledge the 67 years he devoted in the fight for freedom and justice. The day calls for people across the world to dedicate 67 minutes to community services.

On this occasion, the diplomat presented Social Welfare Centre No. 4, located in Hanoi’s Ba Vi district, with charity packages worth more than 100 million VND donated by the embassies of South Africa, Libya, India, Nigeria and Brazil, and other organisations.-VNA