The central province of Quang Nam and its neighbouring Se Kong province of Laos had jointly built 28 out of 60 border markers along 142 km of their common borderline by May 18.

After one year implementing the Prime Minister’s Directive on accelerating the building of more border markers and upgrading of existing markers along the Vietnam-Laos border, the joint working team of Quang Nam and Sekong have demarcated 44 out of 60 locations for new border markers, as well as clearing land mines at 19 locations and along more than 83 km of roads serving the building of border markers, in addition to the construction.

It was a difficult mission with the majority of the sites situated over 1,000m above sea level in mountainous terrain.

Despite all these difficulties, Quang Nam provincial People’s Committee Vice Chairman Dinh Van Thu pledged to work closely with Se Kong province of Laos in demarcating the locations of the remaining border markers, as set for 2011.
So far the joint border marker team has completed profiles of 18 new border markers and handed them over to border guard forces for management./.