More centrally-run State-owned corporations will go equitisation this year, according to the party committee of the group of centrally-run State-owned corporations.

At a meeting on April 25, the committee said in 2015 it will push the equitisation of 52 member enterprises of centrally-run State-owned corporations and six holding companies – the Vietnam National Shipping Lines, the Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, the Song Da Corporation, the Housing and Urban Development Corporation, the Vietnam Cement Industry Corporation, and the Southern Food Corporation.

The corporations will also have to withdraw all their investment from 549 enterprises, part of their capital at 42 enterprises and merge their 45 enterprises within this year.

The centrally-run State-owned corporations group has 33 members, which together hold over one million billion VND (approximately 46 billion USD) of State capital. Among them, 28 are to undergo equitisation.

As of December 31, 2014, five corporations completed equitisation, which are the Bao Viet Holdings, Vietnam National Petroleum Group, Vietnam Steel Corporation, Vietnam National Textile and Garment Group and the Vietnam Airlines Corporation.

Meanwhile, 42 out of 94 member enterprises subject to equitisation also finished the work.

Centrally-run State-owned corporations withdrew all of their capital from 235 out of 784 enterprises and part of their investment at 13 out of 55 enterprises under Government instructions to divest investment from non-core business operations.

Alongside with their re-arrangement, the corporations continued to carry out their production and business plans, with 90 percent of them reporting profit last year, contributing 276 trillion VND, or 32.4 percent, to the State budget and ensuring stable jobs for more than one million employees.-VNA