Most of Vietnamese in three big Ukrainian cities already evacuated: ambassador hinh anh 1The Gara de Nord railway station in Bucharest, Romania, has seen the arrival of many people evacuating from Ukraine. (Photo: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) – Most of the Vietnamese people wishing to move out of three big cities of Ukraine, namely Kyiv, Kharkov, and Odessa, have been evacuated in the face of the complicated situation there, according to Vietnamese Ambassador to the country Nguyen Hong Thach.

These three cities also house the majority of Vietnamese in Ukraine.

Vietnam’s representative agencies in Ukraine and neighbouring countries said as of 5pm on March 6, they had received more than 2,600 Vietnamese people evacuated from war zones in Ukraine, including over 1,700 to Poland, 290 to Hungary, about 600 to Romania, and over 40 to Slovakia.

The agencies have assisted them to handle entry and transit procedures, and coordinated with authorities and Vietnamese associations in the host countries to prepare transport, accommodation, and essential supplies for the evacuees.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working closely with relevant ministries, sectors, agencies, and airlines to arrange two flights repatriating the Vietnamese and their families from Romania on March 7 and Poland on March 9.

Talking to the Vietnam News Agency, Ambassador Thach said on the first one - two days of the fighting, many Vietnamese people in Ukraine didn’t have intention to leave since their property and families were still there. However, after some houses of the community were damaged, his embassy has resolutely demanded them to evacuate.

The embassy has coordinated with the Vietnamese communities in the three big cities of Ukraine to carry out the evacuation and already completed the task, he noted, adding that to those in smaller cities, it has also liaised and encouraged the expatriates to move to safer places.

Only the Vietnamese in Kherson, which is currently under Russian control, and Mariupol, encircled by Russian forces, haven’t been able to leave.

The embassy is exerting efforts to work with diplomatic agencies of Ukraine and Russia, as well as international organisations, to evacuate the Vietnamese people in these two cities. There are about 80 Vietnamese in Kherson and 100 others in Mariupol at present, Thach said.

He added the embassy always keeps in touch with Vietnamese associations to grasp the situation, and that there haven’t been any reports about Vietnamese casualties in Ukraine.

Most of Vietnamese in three big Ukrainian cities already evacuated: ambassador hinh anh 2Staff of the Vietnamese Embassy in Poland work to handle procedures for the repatriation flight from Warsaw. (Photo: VNA)
According Ambassador Nguyen Hung, the Vietnamese Embassy in Poland has promptly carried out citizen protection measures for those moving from Ukraine, with the highest priority given to safeguarding the lives, property, and legal and legitimate interests of Vietnamese citizens and legal entities.

It has also asked the foreign ministry, border guard authority, and committee for foreigners of Poland to facilitate Vietnamese people’s entry, transit, and temporary residency and ensure accommodation and essential supplies for them.

In Romania, the Vietnamese Embassy and community have also been exerting efforts to assist the Vietnamese people from Ukraine.

Ambassador Dang Tran Phong said more than 800 Vietnamese moved from Ukraine to Romania as of late March 6, and the figure is likely to increase in the coming days.

The embassy has been coordinating closely with Vietnamese associations to receive and arrange transport, accommodation, supplies, along with procedures for flying to the homeland for the expatriates, he added.

Phong also highly valued the solidarity and wholehearted support of the Vietnamese community in Romania, who have always stayed united and greatly helped the evacuees.

Most of Vietnamese in three big Ukrainian cities already evacuated: ambassador hinh anh 3Some Vietnamese people after arriving at the train station in Budapest, Hungary (Photo: VNA)
Meanwhile, the Vietnamese Embassy in Hungary has been working around the clock to grasp the situation and assist the Vietnamese people moving from Ukraine, Ambassador Nguyen Thi Bich Thao said, noting that the team for legal information has been working continuously to stay updated with information from Ukrainian and EU authorities to offer help in terms of procedures while the logistics team is responsible for preparing accommodation and essential goods for the evacuees.

Besides, the Vietnamese community in Hungary has also raised donations to the displaced citizens from Ukraine.

The embassy in Hungary received 290 Vietnamese people from Ukraine as of March 6, and about 50 others are on their way to Hungary, the diplomat said.

She added most of the Vietnamese fleeing to Hungary only wish to seek temporary shelter and return to Ukraine once the situation there is settled. Only a few of them want to move to another country in the EU like Germany, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic. Those wishing to come back to Vietnam have registered to move to Poland or Romania./.