Khuon Ha is a rural commune in the northern mountainous province of Tuyen Quang. The province was one of the most poverty-stricken localities in Tuyen Quang seven years ago. Yet after building a new-style rural area, the commune is a better place.

Leaders of Khuon Ha commune always remember the importance of improving people’s livelihood in building a sustainable new-style rural area. Therefore, they have created favourable conditions for locals to expand their production. The commune’s rate of poor households last year fell to below 12% from 56% in 2011; while local income per capita increased fourfold.

Nong Thi Hoa, a local resident in Khuon Ha commune, Lam Binh district said "at first, we did pig cultivation on a very small scale. Then we learnt from local newspapers and raised the number of pigs and strictly follow breeding procedures. Now I can see it’s very effective."

According to Tran Van Chung, Secretary of Khuon Ha commune’s Party Committee, the commune has deployed numerous programmes to help local people expand production, such as assistance for breeders of pigs and poultry.

"We also encourage idle labourers in the locality to work in industrial zones to raise incomes," he added.

After only seven years striving for the title of new-style rural area, Khuon Ha commune has managed to mobilise 6.2 million USD for infrastructure building and production expansion, with 307,000 USD being contributed by local people.

Another highlight in the locality’s cause of building new-style rural area is people’s voluntary donation of land for infrastructure development. Thanks to their efforts, all roads within the commune are now covered with concrete, while culture houses have been built in every hamlet.

Chau Van Toan, Chairman of Khuon Ha commune People’s Committee said "although the assessment results in 2017 showed that the commune met all 19 criteria for new-style rural area, we still need to work harder to reduce the poverty rate. To do that, we will continue our support for local people in breeding."

For remote mountainous areas, building new-style rural area always encounters difficulties. However, with efforts by local people and government, the residents’ life is getting better every day.-VNA.