The wild mouse deer (Tragulusversicolor), called “cheo cheo” in Vietnamese, believed to be extinct for 30 years, suddenly re-appeared in a forest in the country’s southern region.

This is a good news for the ecosystem in Viet Nam because the last time the country had a scientific record of the species was from 1990!

The finding makes conservationists very excited, marking a step forward in Viet Nam's conservation efforts. Currently, authorised agencies in Viet Nam has planned to protect the alive individuals.

Viet Nam is a country having a diverse ecosystem, which is home to many rare and precious animals such as saola – the Asian unicorn(Pseudoryxnghetinhensis), hog deer (Axis porcinus) or Cat Ba langur (Trachypithecuspoliocephalus).

The number of these species has been rapidly declining due to climate and environmental changes. However, we hope that the species, listed in Vietnamese Red Book, will come back soon thanks to our conservation efforts./.