Myanmar President U Thein Sein has called for faster progress during the third wave of the country’s reform, aiming to ensure a solid foundation for a new democracy and heighten living standards for the people, national media reported on June 11.

U Thein Sein reportedly made the appeal at a Government cabinet meeting in Nay Pyi Taw. The President, who is Chair of the Steering Committee for Reform, stressed the importance of political stability in assuring peace, prosperity and safety for the people.

Specifically, he called for changes in the taxation system, the alleviation of some trade and investment rules, the launch of an e-government system and the introduction of projects for rural development and poverty reduction.

The first wave of reform focused on the introduction of a multi-party democratic system and the transition from the old to a new mode of government, while the second phase dealt with strategies for executive, economic, political and social reforms.-VNA