National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung on August 24 held a working session with leaders of Ho Chi Minh City who proposed the legislative body arrange investment capital for transport development in the city.

At the session, they also proposed the legislature amend the land law to ensure criteria on urban planning and land use, construction and environment planning.

According to the municipal People’s Committee’s report, the city’s economy has shown signs of recovery with its year-on-year gross domestic product rise of 8.1 percent. The city also contributed more than 102.3 trillion VND to the State budget.

However, the negative impact of the world’s economy has put pressure on economic growth in the city where rising prices on domestic goods have reduced consumption and slowed down production.

The legislative leader praised the city’s determination to seek solutions to remove difficulties and join the country in controlling inflation, maintaining economic growth, ensuring social welfare, eliminating hunger and reducing poverty, developing transport infrastructure and ensuring political stability and social order and security.

He underscored the necessity for Ho Chi Minh City to exert more effort to remove difficulties in production and business, settle banks’ bad debts, stabilise prices and promote market consumption, laying the foundation for the development of financial and monetary markets.

Hung asked the city to review its master plan on technical and infrastructure systems and pay due attention to resources to serve national industrialisation and modernisation whilst ensuring social order and security.-VNA