The National Assembly (NA) Standing Committee convened its 30th session on August 11 in Hanoi, giving much time debating the draft revised Law on Investment.

NA Deputy Chairman Uong Chu Luu said the law should clearly state areas forbidden from trading, ensuring citizen’s freedom to do business in the fields that are not banned by law.

It is necessary to learn international experience in the work, especially for conditional business areas, for making necessary adjustments, he said.

Head of the NA Judicial Committee Nguyen Van Hien proposed having open regulations relating to the field as the social-economic situation is changing rapidly.

Meanwhile, head of the NA Law Committee Phan Trung Ly held that it is important to carefully consider the draft Investment Law (revised) to ensure that it is coherent and synchronous with a series of other laws related.

Also on the day, the committee members also discussed the draft revised Bidding Law and revised Law on Enterprises.

NA Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung noted that the regulations on preventing trade fraud should be included in the laws, together with issues on business ethics, as well as the connection between investment activities and enterprises.

Regarding areas and sectors forbidden from trading and conditional trading areas, NA Chairman Hung asked for holding a meeting for in-charge deputies with its results to be submitted to the NA for discussion before completing the draft laws.-VNA