NA Standing Committee to convene 10 sessions in 2017 hinh anh 1The sixth session of the NA Standing Committee (Source: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) – The Standing Committee of the 14th National Assembly is scheduled to convene 10 sessions in 2017, focusing on revising, supplementing and issuing legal documents to concretise regulations of the Constitution.

Regarding the building of laws and ordinances, the NA Standing Committee will continue guiding the review, amendment and issuance of new legal documents to concretise regulations of the Constitution, thus meeting the nation’s socio-economic development requirements.

The Council for Ethnic Affairs and other committees of the NA will work closely with legal drafting agencies, the Ministry of Justice and relevant bodies to implement the legislature's law making programme in 2017 on schedule and timely propose adjustments to the programme if necessary.

The agencies will be also responsible for giving comments on draft laws and draft resolutions before submitting to the NA, while directing the collection of opinions from NA deputies to revise and finalise draft laws before submitting to the NA for approval.

The NA Standing Committee will steer the preparation of a Resolution on the 2018 law and ordinance building programme and submit to the NA for ratification. It will also consider and approve ordinances and resolutions as assigned by the NA, and give opinions on Vietnam’s joining in international treaties in line with legal regulations.

The NA Standing Committee will make comments on a number of reports on the implementation of socio-economic development and State budget plans in 2016 and 2017; reports on the results of supervision activities in 2016 of legislative agencies, NA deputations and deputies; the operations of the People’s Supreme Court, the People’s Supreme Procuracy, the State Audit of Vietnam; the work regarding anti-corruption, thrift practice, wastefulness prevention, fighting against crime and law violations; the performance of the national target programme of gender equality, and other reports.

It will work to monitor the implementation of policies and laws on investment and exploitation of transport projects under the built-operate-transfer (BOT) form, and on the exploitation, farming and processing of aquatic products under the sea-based economic development strategy in connection with ensuring defence and security.

The NA Standing Committee will organise question-and-answer activities of NA deputies at its two sessions.

To do well the duties, the NA Standing Committee will assign detailed tasks to its members while directing the implementation of each work, in order to ensure the schedule.

The laws on the NA’s organisation, the supervisory activities of the NA and People's Councils,  the promulgation of legal documents and working regulations of the NA Standing Committee  will be strictly implemented.

Coordination among the NA Standing Committee, the State President, the Government, the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee and relevant agencies will be enhanced.

Supervision activities will be renovated, focusing on emerging issues, while communication campaigns will be intensified to raise public awareness of tasks and operations of the NA, the NA Standing Committee and relevant agencies.-VNA