On Sept 2 1945, President Ho Chi Minh read the Declaration of Independence giving birth to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam at Ba Dinh square, Hanoi. Also on the same day, thousands of people gathered at Norodom square (now the 30 April park) in Ho Chi Minh City to celebrate the event.

The historical moment was recreated through images and objects displayed at the Ho Chi Minh City museum on September 2 to introduce to visitors the tradition of struggle and patriotism of residents in the city.

Images displayed at the museum have contributed to educating younger generation, helping them understand more about the significance of the independence day and the country’s fight for independence, sovereignty protection and development.

The first independence festive day in former Saigon has become an important mark to unite southern people to fight for national independence, sovereignty and reunification and gain victory in the next revolutionary movements.-VNA