Naval forces resolutely defend sovereignty of sacred seas and islands

Over its 69 years of construction, fighting, and maturation (May 7, 1955 - 2024), the Vietnam People’s Navy has posted numerous outstanding feats, firmly safeguarding the sovereignty of the homeland’s seas, islands, and continental shelf while contributing to its development in the new era.

Naval soldiers on Phan Vinh A Island conduct patrols and surveillance and steadfastly defend the sovereignty and security of Vietnam’s national borders, seas, and airspace. (Photo: VNA)
Newly-enlisted soldiers perform the tradition of kissing the National Flag during the oath-taking ceremony before departing for their assigned duties at units within Naval Zone 2. (Photo: VNA)
Sailors of Naval Zone 2 stand ready to fight in any situation. (Photo: VNA)
The officers and sailors of Naval Zone 5 are proactive and creative in overcoming all difficulties and challenges, and are determined to firmly protect the sovereignty and maintain peace and stability in the Southwest seas and islands of the homeland. (Photo: VNA)
Training and live-fire exercises at sea conducted by the Command of Naval Zone 2. (Photo: VNA)
The ships of Flotilla 162 (Naval Zone 4) carry out training missions at sea. (Photo: VNA)

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