It is necessary to amend and supplement several articles in the navigation code in order to develop the navigation sector on par with the country’s maritime potential, said lawmakers at the ongoing 37 th session of the 13 th National Assembly (NA) Standing Committee in Hanoi on April 8.

The amendments should be based on the 2005 navigation code and in line with the 2013 Constitution, legal normative documents and international practices, said deputies.

They noted that 58 of the 261 articles in the code have been revised and supplemented, focusing on regulations on State management, marine equipment and technical issues.

Lawmakers suggested clarifying institutional shortcomings to remove problems in planning and building seaports and fleets as well as developing navigation services, shipbuilding and human resources.

To this end, it is possible to expand the scale of code amendments to create fundamental changes and breakthroughs in the navigation industry, turning Vietnam into a strong and rich marine country.

It is also important to revise regulations featured in the code to implement administrative reform and facilitate navigation activities while enhancing the capacity of the management staff, deputies said.

Chairman of the National Assembly’s Economic Committee Nguyen Van Giau suggested reviewing relevant regulations in other laws and ordinances such as the Law on businesses, the Law on inland waterway navigation, the Law on Vietnamese sea, the Ordinance on fisheries examination, and the Ordinance on capturing fishing vessels.

Delegates also gave opinions on State navigation management and investigation.

In the afternoon, delegates will focus discussion on the revised Law on the State Budget and hear the outcomes of the 132 nd Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly (IPU).-VNA