More families are now leaving behind the bustle of urban life for the quiet, relaxing atmosphere of the countryside. This new ecotourism model in the central city of Da Nang has been drawing the attention of both local and domestic holidaymakers.


Playing in an open field, enjoying the fresh air and more. They are what visitors feel when coming to Yen Retreat in Hoa Bac commune, Hoa Vang district. Strict rules such as no loudspeakers, no alcohol on the premises and limiting the number of visitors make this ecotourism spot interesting and attractive to tourists.

In recent years, in Da Nang’s countryside, vast unused lands that lie among mountains and sea have been utilised for ecotourism. This new model has provided tourists with a new experience, created new tourism products and new job opportunities.

While modern amusement parks and other entertainment forms are growing at an unprecedented rate, an ecotourism model like Yen Retreat with all the wildness and untouched landscape will ensure a one-of-a-kind travel experience for tourists far and wide.-VNA