Northern airport upgrades to cost 2 trillion VND hinh anh 1

Na San airport has been closed since 2004 for upgrades but the process has been slow due to a shortage of capital (Source: Internet)

Hanoi (VNA) – The upgrade of Na San Airport in northern Son La Province will cost an estimated 2 trillion VND (89.3 million USD), according to the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAA).

Lai Xuan Thanh, CAA’s Director, said there are difficulties in arranging for funding from the State budget to develop Na San Airport, since the airport is not included in the investment plan for 2016-20 period.

In order to carry out the construction of Na San Airport before 2020, the CAA proposed the Ministry of Transport seek approval from the Prime Minister for an estimated 693 billion VND from the budget to build the airport.

The remaining capital would be sought from the CAA and private investment.

The CAA said that Na San Airport, included in the approved master airport planning for 2020, plays a significant role in the nation’s security and in stimulating socio-economic development of Son La Province and the northwest region.

Na San Airport, 187 kilometres from Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi and 110 kilometre from Dien Bien Airport, will be a 4C-class airport. A 4C airport has runway lengths of at least 1,800 metres and accommodates aircraft with a maximum wingspan of 24 to 36 metres and wheelbase of 6 to 9 metres.

The airport has been temporarily closed since 2004 for upgradation. The airport is expected to have capacity of serving 900,000 passengers per year by 2020 and 1.5 million passengers by 2030.-VNA