Listening to this steady and powerful clanking sound, one may find it hard to believe that this man is in his 70s.

Born to a family with a 10-generation tradition of making gold leaves, Le Van Vong was among the first two recognised artisans in KieuKy village. He was honoured with the title of excellent artisan by President Tran Dai Quang in 2016.

Looking into his achievements and love for gold laminating craft, it’s hard to believe that he took a different path when still young.

Gold laminating requires craftsmen’s care, despite the humble wage. Therefore, as the only village producing gold leaves for gilding craft, Kieu Ky’s traditional craft faces falling into oblivion.

With a burning desire to preserve and promote the traditional craft, Vong enthusiastically instructs young craftsmen instead of keeping his secrets.

From Le Van Vong’s humble workshop, many craftsmen have grown up and brought Kieu Ky’s gold leaves far and wide.

Thanks to efforts from local authorities and devoted artisans like Le Van Vong, the number of household producing gold leaves has increased to more than 40 from below 10 in 2015.

More and more gold leaves have made their way from the humble village of Kieu Ky to every corner of Vietnam.-VNA