Despite being born into a poor family, Huynh Tien has had a thirst for invention. Realising farmers tend to stick to low-productivity traditional farming techniques, he worked to devise an automatic seeding machine in 2013 and a ridger in 2015. His machines have performed well thanks to his understanding of local soil conditions and topography.

From old Honda cultivators, he produced new gasoline run ridgers. With 1 litre of fuel, this piece of equipment can form beds within 0.1 ha in 1.5 hours, which saves much effort for farmers.

He sells his machines for nearly 420 USD each. He has sold six so far and he keeps receiving new orders.

As recognition for his efforts, the old fisherman won second and third prize in the Binh Dinh provincial contest for innovative farmers in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

He intends to bring his ridger to this year’s contest.

With substantial assistance from the Binh Dinh Department of Science and Technology, innovation among farmers is expected to bloom.-VNA