The actors are no professional but actually farmers from Sai Son commune in Hanoi’s suburbs. The stories they are telling by body language revolve around farmers’ daily life in the past.

Nguyen Tien Huong, Amateur actor/Farmer from Quoc Oai district, Hanoi: "I’m a farmer who was born and grown up on this land. So I am only used to working on paddy fields. When first acting on stage, I was a bit shaky when but now I’m good."

For foreigners to Vietnam, this outdoor improvisational theater is actually a good treat, which helps them understand more about Vietnamese culture.

Only 25km away from the capital’s centre, plays on the enormous stage of over 4000m2 located underneath Thay pagoda, one of the oldest worshipping venues in Vietnam, has become a highlight in Hanoi’s tourism map.-VNA