Painter’s unique 1,010 buffalo miniatures

Born and bred in Son Tay town in Hanoi, painter Nguyen Tan Phat has a deep love for the Vietnamese countryside, especially buffaloes. With skill and creativity, he created more than 1,000 unique buffaloes in different shapes and sizes, with the aim of celebrating the anniversary of Thang Long - Hanoi and the Year of the Buffalo.

There are 1,010 unique buffaloes in 1,010 shapes and sizes, with no two being alike. The collection has three main themes, including “real buffaloes”, which are regular buffaloes working in a field or looking lovely or funny; “village gate buffaloes”, which are a set of a herd passing through a typical village gate in the countryside; and “dragon buffaloes”, depicting buffaloes turning into dragons, in the hope of a good Year of the Buffalo. The buffalo is a symbol of wet rice civilisation.

The buffalo is the traditional symbol of Vietnam, representing bravery, happiness, and prosperity. Buffalos also play a very important role in Vietnamese agriculture, being a farmer’s most valued possession and often treated like a member of the family./.