The third workshop of the Association of Engineers in Electrical Engineering (AEEE) themed “ Actual R&D Trends in Electrical Engineering with regard to Vietnam ’s developments ” took place in Paris on July 13.

The two-day workshop focused on outlining orientations for research in electrical engineering field and provided a forum for Vietnamese young researchers in France to introduce their individual research themes.

Attending the workshop were representatives from Vietnam ’s Ministry of Science and Technology and Vietnamese and French experts, who are working for research agencies and electrical engineering-energy industries of France and Germany .

The workshop heard reports on ten special subjects , which are expected to serve cooperation between Vietnam and France .

It opened up prospects for contributions to the national energy development strategy of Vietnam through the two subjects on energy solution for Vietnam and planning of electrical network for developing electric car industry.

Established in 2002, the AEEE assembles currently about 130 researchers, engineers and students working in electrical engineering. The association initially aimed to promote sharing in electrical speciality and help other Vietnamese researchers in France , but now its membership has expanded to other European countries and Vietnam. /.