Music videos and concerts themed island and sea will be produced by Vietnamese artists throughout the country.

Launched by pop singer Minh Quan, a music video entitled Quoc Ca (National Anthem) was implemented with the participation of around 200 artists from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

"Vietnamese artists and I want to record the music video to inspire patriotism among the youth who are ready to defend the country," said Quan. "We also want the youth to show the love for their country with their best behaviour."

Quan performed in the Truong Sa (Spartly) archipelago in 2012. His initiative was supported by various artists.

In the music video, the artists wear red-coloured T-shirts with a yellow star expressing their patriotism. Quan has used a new arrangement for the national anthem. The music video was recorded in his studio in Hanoi and musician Hai Au's in Ho Chi Minh City.

"I have performed songs about islands and sea many times. But I am extremely distressed today because Vietnam's territorial sovereign has been intruded," said singer Nathan Lee at a recording on May 14 in Ho Chi Minh City.

To complete the music video, Quan and other producers also called for relevant agencies to send over the video clippings all around the country. The music video is expected to be released on May 19.

"Patriotism is always in my heart. When I sing the national anthem, I feel much more proud that I am Vietnamese," said singer Ngoc Khue, immediately after she recorded the national anthem in Hanoi on May 15.

Named Tien Quan Ca (Marching Song), the national anthem was written by the late musician Van Cao in 1944. It soon became the song of the Vietnamese soldiers and was sung in front of the Hanoi Opera House on August 17, 1945, where the Vietnamese national flag was introduced.

Another music video titled Nhung Trai Tim Viet Nam (Vietnamese Hearts) has been produced by composer Phuong Uyen in Ho Chi Minh City. The newly released song was written by Uyen in one night, highlighting the patriotism of millions of Vietnamese residing all over the world.

Her project will be shot on May 20 with the participation of popular singers such as Hong Nhung, Dam Vinh Hung and Uyen Linh.

Award-winning singer Phuong Thao from the television singing contest Morning Star – Rendezvous 2003 has launched her latest album Nho Ve Cua Bien (Remember the Sea).

Phuong Thao said that she had decided to release the album this time as a moral gift to the naval force. She desires the music video to encourage the soldiers who are protecting the sovereignty of the country.

In the music video, Thao wears ao dai (traditional long dress) with white and blue colours and striped symbol of the naval force.

"As many other singers who used to perform on the Truong Sa, I see the hardship of the naval soldiers who inspire our patriotism as well as undauntedness," noted Thao.

"Just like most Vietnamese citizens, director Dong Hong and I love our country and the Navy, who guard our territory while its citizens sleep in peace. This urged us to create the music video."

Concerts will be held in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Over 30 singers will perform in a music show "Bien Dao Trong Trai Tim Toi" (Islands and Sea in My Heart) on May 19 night.

The concert aims in raising fund for the coast guard, fisheries surveillance forces and fishermen who operate off sea.-VNA