The Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group (PVN) and its partner OAO Zarubeznhetf, a member of the Rusvietpetro joint venture company, has pumped the first oil from the Visovol oil field in the Nenets autonomous region of Russia.

The Visovol oil field is located in Lot 2 of four lots of an oil and gas exploration and exploitation project in Nenets.

The first oil field in the project, North-Khosedau ( Lot 1) began production on September 9, last year.

After about 10 months of construction, the Visovol oil field began its exploitation phase on July 29, bringing the project’s total output to 6,000 tonnes or 44,000 barrels a day.

In 2011, Rusvietpetro is expected to extract 1.51 million tonnes of crude oil or 11 million barrels, worth 1.1 billion USD./.